Improving livelihoods towards self-reliance
Strengthen social ties
amongst IDPs and host communities
Sustaining livelihoods through Environmental Protection
  • Ad-Agloub  Water Station Before Rehabitaion
    Ad-Agloub Water Station Before Rehabitaion

    Ad-Agloub  Community Water Station After Rehabitaion

  • Ad-Agloub Water Station After Rehabitaion
    Ad-Agloub Water Station After Rehabitaion

    Ad-Agloub  Community Water Station After Rehabitaion and  Changing the operating system from a diesel system to  solar system

  • Dablwait community Pasture after
    Dablwait community Pasture after

    It is obvious now  the difference in pasture condition before and after seed dispersal, and community residents reported that this season is ideal for  the owners of cattle herds.


  • Dablwait community Pasture after rehabilitated
    Dablwait community Pasture after rehabilitated

    In addition to that, an area of 500 feddans of pasture  were rehabilitated by SLDP II in collaboration with Kassala state ministry of agriculture ,after the land was plowed, a best types of pasture seeds were broadcasted during the rainy season in the area.

  • Water Harvesting Dablwait community
    Water Harvesting Dablwait community

    Additional 700 feddan of rain-fed area were cultivated as a result of project interventions, where the project has constructed 300 meter  of earth embankment (traces) to take advantage of the waterfalls of Khor Shalaloob during the rainy season and redirect this water to irrigate the intended area

  • Water harvesting encouraged farmers to cultivatethe entire area
    Water harvesting encouraged farmers to cultivatethe entire area

    The Community  benefited from this area and planted it with sorghum , The high rates of rain fall during the rainy  season in this year (2018) has motivated   and  encouraged farmers to cultivate   the entire area

  • The feddan productivity increased
    The feddan productivity increased

    The feddan productivity increased from (3) to (7) sacks and animals milk productivity increased by one / tow liters on average also and community residents reported that this season is ideal for  the owners of cattle herds.

  • Dablwait community shown a good response
    Dablwait community shown a good response

    The people in Dablwait community shown a good response and they contributed on seed dispersal process,

Biogas Initiative In Eastern Sudan



Assignment Title: Project Final Evaluation Consultancy  

Reference No: SD-SLDP-6037-CS-CQS

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About SLDP

  • Eastern Sudan context
  • SLDP I
Eastern Sudan remains one of the poorest regions among the 15 States of Sudan. As a “host community” to refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs), most of the population of eastern Sudan itself suffers of acute poverty and limited Read More
The findings of the Bank’s “Assessment of Development Needs of Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Eastern Sudan”were presented at “The International Donors and Investors Conference for Eastern Sudan” in Read More
SLDPII is implemented by a State Project Unit [SPU] based in Kassala, referred to as the East Sudan Transitional Solutions Initiative Coordinating Agency [ESTSI-CA], with oversight and management from a Project Coordination Unit [PCU] in Khartoum. Both units execute World Bank contributions to the project under Bank fiduciary guidelines and supervision. Read More
  • Data

    Data Across the ten target communities, SLDPII targets 1,500 IDP and host community households and includes other beneficiaries such as local government authorities, NGOs and other service providers Read More
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Intended results

Features Story

Building the capacities of women to improve their livelihoods -  Adagloub Women Farm

 Sudanese women working in plantation for their fist time, with technical training and support from the SLDP2. Adagloub Village, Kassala State, Sudan.


  • Sustainable Livelihoods for Displaced and Vulnerable Communities in Eastern Sudan Second Phase Project (SLDP2), implemented natural resources management small projects in IDPs communities and vulnerable host communities.
  • SLDP2 organized the communities in order to increase their participation in their implemented small project, targeting all the community segments, focusing to reach vulnerable women.
  • Aiming at building the capacity of vulnerable women to improve their livelihood, SLDP undertake implementation of six women farms in rural Kassala Locality, in collaboration with Talawiet NGO.
  • The women farms divided into two sections, one is for growing citrus trees namely grapefruit, orange, lemon and guava. The other is for fodder crop (Garawla), in addition to vegetable crops such as okra, jews mallow, rocket, and purslane.
  • There is two different irrigation system adopted in the farm; Improved Surface irrigation for growing fodder and vegetable crops, and for citrus the irrigation system is Bubbler irrigation system.

        1.Improved surface irrigation:

In this system irrigation water is coming to the farm through PVC Pipes (2 inches) the water flow is by gravity from the village drinking water tank. Main control valve (2inch) at the farm gate to control the water for the two irrigation systems. (T) Shape controlled by pipe plug has been assembled for each subplot. 

       2. Bubbler irrigation:

This system installed to irrigate citrus, has been installed, this system consists of control valve (2 inch) on the main line, and water tank (1500 liter) with stand (1.2 m height) to give the necessary pressure, followed by filter. Main line of drip tape, then divided into laterals each one controlled by 1/2-inch valve to irrigate each tree separately by adjustable emitter.

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Our Achievements

  • The project managed to reach 47,797 people (of which 77% were women) through different types of interventions under the four
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  • 82% of 262 in local agencies trained staff (47% were women) reported improved understanding and capacity for development planning and
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  • 80% of the targeted population in the targeted communities is reporting understanding on linkages between improved natural resource management practices
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  • 1680 people with increased access to livelihoods opportunities, 39% of them is female and youth
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