SLDP II Provid Technical support in monitoring and evaluation for Zakat Chamber in Kassala and Sinnar States


Within the framework of the partnership between Kassala State Zakat chamber and SLDP; the project continues providing technical support; through establishment of M&E units in Kassala and Sinnar states. (34) of Zakat committees in Kassala localities were trained in the data collection using the M&E form that has been designed to reflect out an integrated picture of the situation of Zakat livelihoods projects’ interventions.
addition amaster sheet was designed for the M&E form using  (SPSS), for the data analysis and generating reports.
The experience of the M&E technical support to the Kassala Zakat
chamber, was extended to Sinnar State at the request of the Secretary General of Sinnar  State Zakat Chamber Mr. Mohamed Ahmed. In this regard, (23) data collectors were trained and the same M&E form designed for Kassala  used to collect the data in Sinnar State Zakat Chamber. Adding to that, (5) of Sinnar Zakat chamber Staff were rained in data entry, statistical analysis and report writing.
Worth mentioning that, the two states have commenced producing M&E reports for the first time by their local staff.