NRM Communities Educational Campaign

A Successful Educational Campaign organized and covered all SLDP II targeted communities to sensitize them about deep rooted relation between the improved NRM practices and sustainable livelihoods, extended for ten days from September 25 to October 2, 2018, The campaign aimed to develop the awareness and knowledge of the target communities about the importance of improving natural resource practices and their relationship to sustainability of livelihoods as well as creation on new livelihood opportunities, and also to increase the sense of ownership and sustainability and improve the relationships between the, benefited communities in order to contribute to improved quality of services delivered by the small works.
The campaign was
amixture  of various activities related to improving the natural management resources in these communities (lectures, dramas, contests and prizes for winners).
The campaign
foundgreat response within these communities and interacted with the different segments of these communities (the elderly - women - youth - children - and school children), where a number of residents expressed their happiness with the valuable information and skills they gained during this campaign.
The campaign attended by  (124587) person in the ten communities (
male / female/youth)