Building the capacities of women to improve their livelihoods

Building the capacities of women to improve their livelihoods

Adagloub Women Farm- Feature Story


Adagloub Women Farm- March 2019

Thirty women in Adagloub Village in different ages benefited from a women farm constructed by Sustainable Livelihoods for Displaced and Vulnerable Communities in Eastern Sudan Project – Second Phase (SLDP II).

They are telling their story and recall their livelihoods situation before the farm, and how they were feeling with doing nothing to contribute to improve their household’s livelihoods and their communities; with no income, no skills and capacitates, they recall how they were not able to meet and discuss their issues and plan together to improve their situation. They also recall how they were suffering from getting vegetables and fruits inside their communities with affordable prices.

After they have been formulated as a small productive committee with support of SLDP II and received training, they went back to convince their families’ members to allow them working in the women farm, despite not having previous experience on farming they decided to get into setting up their small farm with only the knowledge that they got from SLDP II. Their organic farm is growing animal fodder, vegetables, fruits and forest trees.

They are thankful for what they learned from the support they received from SLDP II; the farm helped them to communicate with each other; they said; now we know “When we should meet? How we can divide roles? What is not good towards good”; it helps them to move towards communal valued discussion. The farm is progressing well, they have sold some of the products of the organic farm namely the animal fodder and they were happy to contribute on solving the fodder gap in their community by availing green fodder with affordable prices inside their communities. They have kept the money in their bank account to meet the operation cost of the farm and to contribute to the village SADDOG. Also some amount of the money was distributed between them as profit; they spent it in their families’ basic needs.

The benefited women expressed that the farm experience was a significant to them; “today we have a good running project; the income from this project reached around SDGs 12000 within four months, we will be used to sustain our families’ livelihoods”

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