SLDP2 Comprehensive Baseline Study

SLDP2Comprehensive Baseline Study


Acomprehensive baseline study was carried during Feb.2017, to set benchmark values for SLDP2 results indicators to inform its progress, enhance monitoring and future assessments of the project achievements and planning. The baseline is also meant to identify vulnerability among all households in the 10-targeted communities and rank them accordingly for receiving direct support through livelihoods activities.

The baseline targeted to measure a wide spectrum of indicators that cover the full domain of the project interventions and expected results. The indicators include both qualitative and quantitative values and are obtained from relevant primary sources as well as secondary sources, covering sectors of livelihood, natural resources, local capacities, agriculture and livestock, to set benchmark values, to be used as reference during and after the project implementation period, for impact assessments, planning and updating the project result framework to match the actual situation on the ground and guide preparation of informative project monitoring and progress reports to donors and partners.


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