Geographical Information Experience Within SLDP1

Geographical Information Experience within SLDP1



SLDP in its first phase; has adopted an initiative  to make use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS)    to acquire state and local  authorities with new  alternative approach for development planning. Kassala State Government has shown a great interest for applying GIS to support planning and decision making, with great      intention   to establish GIS unit as data hub for all the state and link it  with the state ministries and localities.
SLDP has signed Memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Development Planning Directorate (DPD) at  kassala State Ministry of Finance to establish a GIS unit in 2015. Aiming at  support   monitoring the progress vs plans. 18 members from state ministries had been trained on GIS, as well as establishment of GIS unit at DPD with essential equipments.  
The established GIS unit was functioning as source database for planning, data collection format was developed ; consist of data about population, services, livelihoods.. etc. The successful implementation of the  pilot survey done by the GIS unit for Rural Kassala locality, was a substantial breakthrough and motivation for the state government to expand this experience by the implementation of a new project called “The Digital Development Map and Database (DDMD)”, which launched in March 2018.  
The main objective of (DDMD) project is to provide all the localities and line ministries in the state with the basic information to be used for improved planning, in addition to improve the availability and accessibility of the information by the different government partners and other developmental agencies, by integrating all the related information in one GIS map.



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