CDCs&CFs Standardized Training

CDCs & CFs Standardized Training


Sustainable Livelihoods for Displaced and Vulnerable Communities in eastern Sudan Project (SLDP2) is principally concerned about CDCs capacity building activity as coroner stone to ensure success and sustainability of whatever activity carried at community level. Hence, both SLDP2& JASMAR human security organization, have organized standardized training for Community Development Committees (CDCs) and Community Facilitators (CFs) during March, 2017. 10 CDCs and 26 CFs were participated in these training workshops.4 training sessions were organized attended by 127 participants, out of them 107 were males (85%) and 20 were females (15%) including representatives of youth, women and Natural Resources Committees.  
In overall, the training has contributed significantly to bridge identified gaps of CDCs capacities; the topics presented and discussed were relevant, facilitation methodology was quite satisfactory. The training provided topics in simple ways, suitable to the participants’ education levels and matched to their priorities.  After the training, a strategy has been developed aiming at continues improvement of CDCs& CFs performance.



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