Capacity building program for the government partners

Capacity building program for the government partners




During the last two months, (204 ) from governmental and local agencies (50% of which are females) have received training, at  Kassala state; aiming at strengthening the state authorities to plan and implement improved livelihood and natural resource management practices. The training packages were part of the capacity building action plan for the government partners, based on the capacity need assessment conducted by the project which identified three main training areas; development management, natural resources management and livelihoods. The mentioned areas include various training packages of; General Management & Strategic Planning , Management  Information Systems, Monitoring & Evaluation, Project Cycle Management, Report Writing skills, Natural Recourses Management Policies, Early Warning System & Environmental safeguards, Livelihood, Value chain & Theory of change and Conflicts management. The training implemented in coordination with the training administration at state ministry of finance and facilitated by professional consultancy firms.

The training program for the government partners is expected to be accomplished by the end of August, 2018 targeting (280 participants).



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