Experts Workshop Urban IDPs Study (2)

Experts Workshop Urban IDPs Study

Kanon Hotel-Khartoum from 2 April, 9th 2018:

SLDP organized (1) day experts workshop, at Kanon Hotel, Khartoum2, April 9th 2018, attended by (20) experts related to the sphere of population dynamic in general and Urban IDPs in particular, representing the  states of Kassala and Red Sea as well as national level (HAC, University of Khartoum, etc.). The overall objective of the workshop wasto make use of the study of “Urban IDPs in Kassala and Red See states” and operationalization of its recommendation as well as disseminating widely the study for cross learning with concerned institutions.
The workshop has been facilitated by a senior development consultant (
Dr. Ahmed Abusin). In accordance with the aforementioned discussion and in line with workshop objective the facilitator managed to scrutinize the main issues under three key areas for more focus and implementable recommendations, these are:
• Coordination and information dissemination mechanism, this can be done through more support to the SLDP existing livelihood and NRM Forum.
• Research, studies and documentation of best practices related to livelihoods, internal displacement and NRM.
• Review and update of IDPs 2009 Policy Document
• Design proposals for
urban related pilot project (such urban agriculture, vocational training center, etc), exchange visit for more interaction




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